Anti-slip Everyday Comfort Shoe Insoles/Inserts

Anti-slip Everyday Comfort Shoe Insoles/Inserts

Item No.: F81

Material: Velvet+Transparent blue TPE+Yellow TPE

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The top fabric is very soft and warm;
Soft TPE can absorb about shock, reducing the burden on toes, knees, and waist;
Relieves your feet, ligaments and joints;
Possibility of individual trimming – fits all shoes and shoe sizes;
The flexible gel filling adapts to every foot shape;
Suitable for sports activities.

Width in Forefoot86mm94mm
Width in Heel71mm75mm
Thickness at Forefoot2.8mm2.8mm
Thickness at Heel5.5mm6.3mm
Hardness (Shore C)30+/-530+/-5