Lightweight Diabetic & Arthritic Insoles

Lightweight Diabetic & Arthritic Insoles

Item No.: F1796

Material: Skin Color Diabetic Plastazote Foam + Blue PU Foam + Orange Gel Forefoot and Heel

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Typically made using lightweight and closed-cell Plastazote foam to help keep the insoles light, assist in pressure relief;
Insoles for diabetes, arthritis, and sensitive feet are designed primarily to alleviate pressure on the foot, help absorb impact shock, and minimize any abrasive rubbing or irritation against the skin of the foot;
Diabetic and arthritic insoles will also often feature a gel base or gel padding at the heel and ball-of-foot for additional comfort and shock absorption.

Width in Forefoot85mm87mm92mm95mm99mm
Width in Heel65mm68mm71mm73mm76mm
Thickness at Forefoot5.0mm5.0mm5.0mm5.0mm5.0mm
Thickness at Heel9.0mm9.0mm9.0mm9.0mm9.0mm
Hardness (Shore C)25+/-525+/-525+/-525+/-525+/-5